Town Council meetings are open to the public, who are very welcome to attend, and there is an opportunity for residents to ask questions on any matters concerning the Parish of Sprowston. Notes for the public attending Town Council meetings give guidance on our procedures.

The Council is committed to conducting its business in an open, transparent manner. Members of the public are welcome to film and record our public meetings. We have a adopted  a simple policy that outlines how people can film, photograph, record and report on Council meetings without disrupting the business of the Council, and whilst ensuring that children, vulnerable persons and people who do not wish to be filmed, are protected. Protocol for Reporting at Meetings.

Copies of the agenda and minutes for each meeting are available free of charge either on request from the Council Office or can be down loaded from the website when they are published or at the meeting.  Other background papers and reports can also be viewed or copies supplied on payment of a small charge, details in the Town Council’s Publication Scheme. The Council has adopted the Model Publication Scheme produced by the Information Commissioners Office. Meeting dates are posted on the Councils notice boards and unless otherwise advised all meetings are held at Sprowston Diamond Centre, School Lane, Sprowston, Norwich NR7 8TR commencing 7.30pm.

These documents are also available in other formats including large print, Braille, audio or in a different language. Please contact this office if this is required.

Council Meetings 2015/16

01 April 2015 Agenda Minutes
22 April 2015 Agenda Minutes
20 May 2015 – Annual Town Meeting (ATM) 7.00pm
Annual Council Meeting (on the arising of the ATM)




10 June 2015 Agenda Minutes
02 July 2015 Agenda Minutes
22 July 2015 Agenda Minutes
12 August 2015 Agenda Minutes
02 September 2015 Agenda Minutes
23 September 2015 Agenda Minutes
14 October 2015 Agenda Minutes
04 November 2015 Agenda Minutes
18 November 2015 (Precept/Planning) Agenda Minutes
25 November 2015 Agenda Minutes
16 December 2015 Agenda Minutes
13 January 2016 Agenda Minutes
 03 February 2016 Agenda Minutes
 24 February 2016 Agenda Minutes
 16 March 2016 Agenda Minutes