Sprowston residents today took part in a community planting event to establish a ‘Tiny Forest’ on a quiet corner of Sprowston recreation ground.

The free event, organized by Norfolk County Council and Sprowston Town Council, was extremely popular, with places fully subscribed within just a few days of the event being advertised.

One side of the new 200m2 forest site was planted following the Miyawaki approach which involves planting of lots of different species of native trees, into healthy, aerated soil. This method was developed for tropical places, so the project will help show if this method works here in Norfolk.

The other half of the site, which is separated from the first half by a wide grass path, was planted following standard planting practice, which means that fewer trees are planted overall, and no supplements added to the soil.

The for the first few years of its life the Tiny Forest will be protected by a low wooding paling fence. Once the trees are established, the fence will be removed to allow visitors unrestricted access.

John Ward, Sprowston Town Mayor, who took part in the planting event said:

“I am delighted that Sprowston has been chosen as one of the 5 Norfolk locations for a Miyawaki Mini Forest. Our participation in this initiative demonstrates the Town Council’s desire to enhance our natural environment and contribute to the fight against climate change. The mini forest on our Recreation Ground will be a source of great interest to Sprowston residents who will be able to watch it grow and develop over many years to come”.