Sprowston, Spixworth and Old Catton

SNAP meeting minutes

The Pavilion, Recreation Ground, Old Catton


Date: 15/07/2015

Panel members present:

Cllr Bill Couzens Sprowston Town Councillor

Cllr Judy Leggett, County Councillor Old Catton, Broadland District Councillor Sprowston East

Cllr Robin Towell, Old Catton Parish Councillor

PC Keith Lambert, Norfolk Police Safer Neighbourhood Team

Also present:

PCSO Sarah McCue, Norfolk Police Safer Neighbourhood Team

B. Leggett  Old Catton Parish Councillor

I. Moncur,  Chairman Sprowston Town Council

3 members of the public

1.    Apologies for absence

Cllr John Ward , County Councillor Sprowston, Broadland District Councillor Sprowston East

2.    Election of Chairman following District Council elections

Bill Couzens explained that the Chair of the panel should be a Broadland District Councillor as there are close links with Broadland together with the advantage of having a Broadland email address. Judy Leggett a panel member and following the recent elections a Broadland District Councillor agreed to be chair of the panel.

3.    Minutes of the meeting held on 15th April 2015 were agreed.

4.    Matters Arising and Result of priorities from the last quarter

Smiley Sid is still unavailable as Broadland have not ordered a replacement part. Action J Leggett to contact Terri Munro at BDC

(a) Parking outside Schools

51 visits to schools had been carried and words of advice given when necessary. It is acknowledged that parents are more considerate when parking if the police are in attendance. Log of visits circulated.

(b) Anti social behaviour on Parks and Community Spaces

Numerous visits made. Log of 89 visits (some to more than one location)  circulated. A few visits needed words of advice.

5.    Public Discussion

A Sprowston resident was concerned about the impact of school parking near his house and around the bend near the entrance to Sprowston Senior Citizen Club .

The relevant powers of the parking enforcement officers and the police/PCSOs were explained.

The pavement is considered blocked if a pushchair  or wheelchair cannot pass .A gateway is classed as obstructed only if the householder wishes to enter or leave their property.

It was noted that a car driver was fined £790 for obstructing the pavement near a local school.

Action Resident advised to contact the police, when necessary, directly at Sprowston Police station

At the start of the school year the schools will send a letter to parents concerning parking.

There are no particular trends in criminal activity locally at present.

6.    Priorities for the coming Quarter

a.    Anti social behaviour on Parks and Community Spaces

b.    Parking near schools

It is noted that speed checks will continue be carried out by Police officers

Additional Actions: J Leggett to contact Highways to see if a permanent posts could be erected to prevent parking on the bend in Recreation Ground Road .

PC Lambert to visit schools to encourage the use of the cones,  given to all schools in the area by the Police. These are used very effectively by some schools

The chair thanked residents, Police  and Councillors for attending the