Meeting Dates


Starting at 7:30 PM (except the Annual Town Meeting)

Municipal Year 2023/2024

31 May 2023 10 January 2024
28 June 2023 31 January 2024
19 July 2023 21 February 2024
16 August 2023 13 March 2024 – Annual Town Meeting 7.00pm
13 September 2023 13 March 2024 – Council Meeting to be held
on the rising of the Annual Town Meeting
04 October 2023 03 April 2024
15 November 2023  24 April 2024
06 December 2023 16 May 2023 – Annual Town Meeting  
20 December 2023

All meetings will be held in the Council Chamber, Council Office, Recreation Ground Road, Sprowston NR7 8EW.

All meetings of the Council are open to the public, who are welcome to attend, and there is an opportunity for residents to ask questions on any item on the agenda.

Copies of the agenda and minutes for each meeting are available on the Council’s website (the Friday before the meeting date) together with details of how to join the meeting. Paper copies are also available free of charge on request from the Council Office when they are published. Other background papers and reports can also be viewed or copies supplied on payment of a small charge.