Record of Delegated Decisions

Record of Delegated Decisions

The Openness of Local Government  Bodies Regulations 2014

These Regulations require a decision-making officer to produce a written record of any decision which would otherwise have been taken by the relevant council, or a committee, sub-committee of that council, but it has been delegated to an officer and the effect of the decision is to:-

(i) grant a permission or licence;

(ii) affect the rights of an individual; or

(iii) award a contract or incur expenditure which, in either case, materially affects the council’s financial position.

Examples of Decisions to be recorded

a. To award or renew a lease;

b. To refuse a request for access to information;

c. To award a contract or incur expenditure above £50,000;

d. To withdraw or refuse any council service, e.g. terminating an allotment agreement.

Examples of Decisions not to be recorded

a. Routine administrative and organisational decisions;

b. To sign an allotment tenancy agreement;

c. To allocate burial plots;

d. To book sports pitches;

e. To approve works undertaken by a contractor;

f. Any written decision that is already recorded by a written record and produced by virtue of other legislation;

g. Any decision that would be exempt or confidential.

Delegated Decisions

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