Sprowston Neighbourhood Plan


The Neighbourhood Plan (Plan) gave the people of Sprowston the opportunity to determine the future of the town. For decades, planning has been centralised at the District Council, who have made all of the decisions relating to the parish.

Neighbourhood Planning is a new concept under the Localism Act. It gives a community the opportunity to seize the initiative, bringing planning strategy closer to those affected. Sprowston is one of the Governments front runners and will be the first to be adopted in Broadland.

How has the Plan been developed?

By the people of Sprowston. The Town Council enabled the consultation with residents, businesses, landowners, developers and other stakeholder organisations but had no influence over the outcome.

The process began over two years with community consultation events taking place at various stages to identify issues and opportunities important to the residents of Sprowston which subsequently formed the plan.


The Neighbourhood Plan will form part of the Broadland Local Development Framework within which the area will develop over the next 12 years.

Implementation of the Plan will depend on the co-ordinated activities of a number of agencies and will require us to maximise all opportunities to secure funding support.


The Neighbourhood Plan has been formally adopted within Broadland District Council’s Local Development Framework, and has become part of the statutory development plan against which relevant planning applications will be determined.

Broadland District Council – Decision Statement

Sprowston Town Council – Notice of decision letter

The Town Council (or standing committee thereof) will monitor the Neighbourhood Development Plan and associated implementation plan, to check progress in terms of meeting the community’s objectives.

Sprowston Neighbourhood Plan Habitat Regulations Assessment Screening Report
Sustainability Scoping Report Habitat Regulations Assessment Screening Opinion
Sustainability Appraisal Report Implementation Plan
Consultation Statement Basic Conditions Statement

Sprowston Neighbourhood Plan – Monitoring Report November 2016

Sprowston Neighbourhood Plan – Monitoring Report March 2018

Sprowston Neighbourhood Plan – Monitoring Report March 2019

Sprowston Neighbourhood Plan – Monitoring Report March 2022