Street Lighting

Sprowston Town Council currently provides and manages, including repair and cleaning of 800 footway lights, with a further 330 lights and 100 illuminated highway signs maintained by Norfolk County Council.

To report a faulty light on the following roads please contact the Town Council

The list of Council owned lights is below:

Adams Road Addey Close Alford Grove
Allens Avenue Allerton Close Allerton Road
Archer Close Barkers Lane Bewit Road
Birch Court Blackwell Avenue Blenheim Close
Blenheim Crescent Blenheim Road Blithewood Gardens
Blithemeadow Drive Blue Boar Lane Bracey Avenue
Breck Road Breydon Road Cannerby Lane
Carleton Road Cere Road Chenery Drive
Chopyngs Dole Close Church Lane Clover Road
Coachman’s Court Colindeep Lane Corbet Avenue
Coughtrey Close Cozens-Hardy Road Cranes Croft Road
Creance Road Cromwell Road Cuthbert Road
Dixon Road Dovedales Dovedales Court
Edwards Court Edwards Road Elizabeth Close
Fairstead Road Falcon Mews Falcon Road West
Falcon Road East Foxburrow Road Gage Road
Glenburn Avenue Greenborough Close Greenborough Road
Greenwood Way Gurney Drive Hall Wood Road
Hammond Way Higham Close Hornbeam Close
Ilex Court Impala Close Inman Road
Jobi Wood Jubilee Road Kestrel Road
Keswick Road Lambert Road Larch Close
Leveson Road Linacre Avenue Lindsay Road
Linton Close Linton Crescent Lone Barn Road
Lowry Cole Road Mantle Close Martin Close
Meadow Gardens Merlin Avenue Merlin Mews
 Moore Avenue Mountbatten Drive Mounteney Close
Neville Close Neville Road North Gage Close
North Walsham Road Parana Close Parana Road
Parana Court Parkland Crescent Parkland Road
Peregrine Close Pioneer Road Plantation Drive
Porters Loke Proctor Road Rangoon Close
Rayns Close Recreation Ground Road Rimington Road
Rosemary Road Roundtree Way Rushmore Close
Russell Avenue School Lane Sparhawk Avenue
Sparhawk Close South Gage Close Stillington Close
Stonehouse Road Surrey Close Sursham Avenue
Terence Avenue Thornham Close Thornham Drive
Thornham Road Tiercel Avenue Tills Close
Tills Road Trendall Road Tusting Close
Varvel Avenue Varvel Close Virginia Close
White Woman Lane Wilks Farm Drive Windsor Park Gardens
Woodcroft Close Yew Court